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Resistant profiles for formwork, scaffolding and other building applications.

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Profiles to make fencing attractive, safe and easy to assemble.

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Profiles to protect heavy machinery and agricultural and industrial vehicles, and help make them last.

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Automotive industry

Strong, lightweight profiles in special steels for the automotive industry

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Carbon or stainless-steel profiles that combine functionality and strength for coaches, buses, lorries, trains, trailers, etc.

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Interior Construction

Versatile profiles for all types of engineering applications, such as interior divides, climate control systems, escalators, conveyor belts, etc.

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Attractive, functional, hardwearing, design profiles for all types of industrial, office and household furniture.

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Agricultural sector

Strong, functional, long-lasting profiles for all types of agricultural application: greenhouses, vine training, agricultural machinery, etc.

Profiles for renewable energies

Enhanced profiles for structures at solar thermal and photovoltaic plants

Posts for vine-training systems

Strong, galvanized-steel profiles for vine training.

Advice to help meet your needs

Our technical team is at your disposal to help you optimize your products.


06/12/2021 VitiFort was once again this year present in SITEVI (Montpellier, November 30th to December 3rd 2021)

Discover the new video of ArcelorMittal Tubular Products

25/11/2021 The new dimension in the European Steel Tube Industry. ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Europe is one of the most diversified producers of pipes and tubes, servicing diverse markets including energy, construction, engineering and automotive.

ArcelorMittal completes the acquisition of Condesa Tubos S.L. (“Condesa”)

19/11/2021 Following the authorisation of the Competition Authorities, ArcelorMittal has concluded the purchase of Grupo Condesa. Perfil en Frio, tohether with the rest of the companies within Group Condesa, will be integrated in ArcelorMittal Tubular Products, within the Downstream Solutions division.