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Cold-formed profiles


PERFIL EN FRIO, the commercial name of Perfiles de Precisión, S.L., belongs to Grupo Condesa and is located in Berrioplano, Navarra (Spain), just a few kilometres outside Pamplona.


We manufacture special cold-formed steel profiles, both welded and open, with the option of integrating punching and other operations directly on the production line.
We develop made-to-measure forms for customers in sectors such as building, fencing, transport, the automobile industry, logistics and storage, industry in general, agriculture, etc.


  • 1953 – 1992 Company founded under the name of Perfrisa (Perfil en Frio, S.A.)
  • 1993 – 2004 Following the restructuring of the steel industry in Spain, Perfrisa belongs to the Processed, Tubular division of a major company called Aceralia, which then becomes Arcelor.
  • 2004 – Perfil en Frío is bought out by Grupo Condesa. Perfiles de Precisión, S.L., a Grupo Condesa company operating under the name of Perfil en Frio, is created.
  • The factory currently belongs to Grupo Condesa (, a major European group that manufactures carbon and stainless-steel tubes and profiles.